Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Five tips for making great photos!

·        Pictures taken beyond the maximum flash range will be too dark.
·        For many cameras that’s only ten feet about four steps away. Check your manual to be sure
·        If the subject is further than ten feet from the camera. The picture may be too dark
·       Try shooting from a different angle.  Kneeling or even lying and shooting up or shooting down from a chair, balcony or staircase can give you an interesting viewpoint.
·        Know your camera,  learn how to control your flash, have a lot of  memory 
·        Do Not Have Extra Items in Your Photo
·        When you take your photo make sure that you do not have extra items in your photo as this cluttered look could distract the persons eyes.                         
  • Windows – Obviously, light is your ally and light comes through windows! Another hot spot in my house is the living room sofa opposite a large window

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